Sunday, 28 February 2016

I've Not Been Blogging Because....

The last 6 months have been really tough, I've not blogged about it as I'm scared to open the flood gates

 I've been in so much pain with my Arthritis but the worst of it is, my right hand is starting to seize up, I can hardly use it some days. It's hard to remain upbeat and carry on as normal, sometimes it easier to just sit and ignore the fact that life is passing me by when I'm terrified of what the future holds for me.

At last I've received the good news that my arm is finally starting to heal, although still very painful I've started seeing the Physio-Terrorist as my movement is still very restricted and I can't lift anything much as it just gives way making me drop the item I was trying to lift. 
Himself still has to get hot items out of the oven when I'm cooking Dinner or it ends out on the floor, the whole situation is really starting to get to me now, it feels like my independence has been stripped away.
I'm slowly but surely getting into a routine again, the days were flying by and I wasn't achieving anything much at all.

Back in the middle of July my sweet Badger Boo's health started to take a turn for the worst, and we found out he was suffering from Pancreatitis. He was most unwell but the medication gave him a few good days pain free, then he'd relapse again.
 I started to worry that maybe I was prolonging his life for my own selfish reasons as he'd been my constant companion for 13.5 years, but then suddenly he'd appear well again bouncing around the house, it was a difficult time and in my heart of hearts I was hoping Mother Nature would take him and let him pass away quietly in his sleep.

But No, life is never that easy, when on a little potter down the road, the big walks had stopped by now, Badger Boo appeared to stumble slightly and became crippled lame, he couldn't even put his foot on the ground so I rushed him straight to the vets.
When we got there the vet suspected he may have broken his leg as it felt crunchy inside, we talked about the various options, although none seemed to have a very promising outcome in view of his age, health and previous issues with anaesthetics.
On August 19th I took the heart breaking decision to let him go after one last night at home with us, he was on heavy painkillers and got spoilt rotten and slept all night on my lap.
How I miss my little buddy.



  1. I miss the little guy too! He captured my heart! Glad you're back!

  2. Oh Dawn, I'm sorry I've been so quiet too. I understand what you are going through physically and emotionally. I'm always here if you want to talk. Love you

  3. Ahh Dawn, what a year it has been. I totally understand what you're going through in terms of health, I am struggling with mine, too, and it is very frustrating.
    Add to that the loss of Badger Boo and you've had a very difficult year...

    Sending you lots of love (as always) from Suffolk xxx

  4. So sorry to hear all this, sending lots of love

    Thank you for linking up

  5. It's nice to hear from you. So sorry you are not feeling well. I do hope your recovery proceeds well. And my heart goes out to you for Badger Boo. I can understand your sadness. Hugs,Pat

  6. Glad you are on the road to recovery, so sorry to hear about Badger Boo.
    Loads of hugs xxx

  7. Aww so sorry to hear about your poor pooch lovely. Hopefully he's living it up at rainbow bridge xx

  8. What a terrible time you've been having, I do hope the arm improves for you, I have a little but it sounds like your is much worse. Fingers crossed ont he physo and RIP your lovely dog xx

  9. When we first starting chatting via social media I never realised how much pain you are in every day but I did see how hard Boo's passing was for you. Sending my very best wishes you way and a huge hug for Boris :) #MySundayPhoto

  10. Its always not nice when a pet leaves us. A dog recently passed away too and it triggered something in me. I stopped blogging for awhile and just starting to come back as well.

    Sending you hugs.


  11. So sorry to hear your bad news. Hope you feel much better soon.


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