Monday, 2 February 2015

Hello it's Been a While

Hi everyone, sorry I've not been blogging properly for several months apart from the odd Silent Sunday post.

Personally I've been having a bit of a tough time of things lately, I've not blogged about it as I'm scared to open the flood gates.

The past few weeks I've been in so much pain with my Arthritis, but the worst of it is, my right hand is starting to seize up, I can hardly use it some days. It's hard to remain upbeat and carry on as normal, sometimes it easier to just sit and ignore the fact that life is passing me by.

I've done very little crafting and my craft room now resembles a dumping ground, every time I go in there it makes me feel depressed as there's a lot to do to get it back to how it was, so I get what I want and leave it for another day.

I've been doing a little knitting as and when I've been able too, I'm currently working on a jumper for myself and also one for Badger Boo. The old boy is 13 years old now and starting to feel his age, although he has lovely warm coats for out on walks, I've noticed he's started feeling the cold indoors as well. I'm not a fan of dressing dogs up and making them look stupid, but I'm pretty sure he'll appreciate a nice warm Aran jumper to wear indoors.

In Puppy News Boris is growing up fast and is getting to be quite a size now, he make Badger Boo look like the puppy.

 Boris has also been learning some tricks, this is my favourite called "I'm Shy"

At his last training session at The Company of Animals he also had a go at learning to ride on a skateboard, yes you read right a skateboard.

He sure is a clever pup.

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Happy crafting and I'll be back next week I promise.


  1. Hope you are feeling a bit better. Your dogs are both so cute, and clever.

  2. So sorry you have been in pain, anything that stops you creating can make you feel so f yet rated. Hope you can get some relief soon.

    Love your Dawgies they are so cute

  3. Your dogs are so cute, I'm sure the pup,would do anything for a treat! Your work room looks just like mine and I don't have the excuse of being unwell, maybe if you just tidied your desk area and had a little space to work you might just sit there once in a while! Hope you perk up soon, this cold dark weather doesn't help, roll on spring! Xx

  4. Sending you a massive hug lovely lady. I'll give you one for real when I see you next week :) xxxx

  5. What two handsome chaps you have there. Sorry to hear you've been unwell. Fingers crossed you will be fit and well soon as there's nothing worse than not being able to do any crafting xx

  6. It's so nice to hear from you. I do hope you will start to feel better soon. As for your craft room, I think most of us have a room(s) that we would like to get organized. Hopefully you will be able to knit a bit and feel better. Your dogs are so cute! Happy Monday :)

  7. I'm sorry to hear that you've been in pain, if you haven't already, I would recommend trying a microwavable heat pack - I use mine all the time to soothe away some of the pain. Your dogs look fabulous and I'm sure you have lots of fun with them. Thanks for finding the new home for Handmade Monday and stopping by.

  8. It's nice to see you back blogging.
    Sometimes it's easier to close the door and not look at what needs doing, it's difficult to get organised when feeling overwhelmed. The secret, for me, is to not think about doing the whole room but just doing 'a little bit' and don't put yourself under too much pressure. Pain management is a difficult thing to get right. I hope things improve as the weather improves. Your doggies are lovely and I'm sure they appreciate the extra warmth.... don't we all :)
    Jan x

  9. Sorry to hear of your pain, I do hope you get some relief soon. Meantime keep crafting when you can, and try and set small tasks perhaps. I do believe small achievements make you feel good. Spring will be here soon, so lots to look forward to. Hugs xxx

  10. Aww sorry to hear you have been in pain, hope you get some pain relief soon. My mum sews too and she has Arthritis, I wish i could help her with the pain :( aww your dogs are so sweet ..Thanks for stopping by Creative Mondays, sorry for the late reply, I'm behind blogging ... yes it would be great if you want to change the badge :):)

  11. Hi! Do you use Twitter? I'd like to follow you if that would be ok.
    I'm absolutely enjoying your blog and look forward to new posts.



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