Sunday, 7 September 2014

Puppies and Craft Fairs

I've not had a lot of time recently for crafting since we got our new puppy Boris, I'd forgotten what hard work they can be, but more about the wee man later in this post.

I did manage to squeeze a Craft Fair in yesterday at the Godalming Bazaar, this is always a favourite of mine as its only 10 mins from home and I get a lie in.

Jill who runs the event works tirelessly to keep the footfall up, this time there was a Town Cryer, Make and Take workshops and some wildlife from a local sanctuary.

 It wonderful to see everyone coming in and I was hoping for a good day instead of just covering my stall costs as at other Fairs I've attended. Speaking to some of the other stall holders they had a good day for the most part. Unfortunately for me I only broke even and just about covered my stall cost. 

For the first time ever the main doors oppersite my stall leading into the main hall had been closed and the end doors opened instead, as a result my stall was completly bypassed by many of the visitors as they filtered into the hall and then as they left again. As a result I spent most of my day unsuccessfully acknowledging people to try and get then to walk 4 foot out of their way to check out my stall. I normally like this position in the corridor that nobody else seems to want, as people have to walk past my stall twice and I've done very well there in the past at this event.

 I was not a Happy Bunny but I kept my cool.
You win some and you lose some.
I'm glad the event was a success and had a great footfall for all the other stall holders. 

In Puppy News Boris is gorgeous but also very cheeky and a lot of hard work, I'd forgotten just how much work it is to have a young pup in the house.

For the most part Boris and Badger Boo get on very well, but Boris does need to learn that Badger Boo needs his sleep and galloping into the side of him when playing isn't polite behaviour, it makes Badger Boo jump as  he doesn't hear or see him coming. We managed to get a puppy pen off FreeCycle and have used it to divide off parts of the lounge so that when Badger Boo has had enough of playing with Boris he can have his own quiet time.

It's important to remember that a pup is a lot for an elderly dog to deal with, especially when he's been an only dog for as many years as Badger Boo has. His routine is being kept as normal as possible it was before, and he's getting loads more fuss and games so as not to feel jealously towards Boris.

If you're thinking of getting a pup with an older dog in the house, please remember that a puppy is happy to share your attention, your older dog may not when he's used to being the only one.

Too many times your hear about people getting rid of an older dog because it hates a puppy, when a few simple measures to reassure the older dog is all it takes for things to go right and them to become firm friends. 

Hope you've all had a great week.


  1. Hi Dawn, sorry to hear that you didn't do so well yesterday. I thought your stand looked excellent, and don't forget to add in my tea cosy order. I did think that the general layout was much better yesterday, but that a sign was needed at the far door. Something like - 'More crafts and food court this way' would have been good.

    Love to BB and B. You make some good points about older dogs with pups. Brin has several bolt holes for when Z gets a bit too much xx.

  2. I love your little puppy - so cute! I am also pleased I found your blog through My Sunday Photo as I have just started knitting! I am more of an advanced beginner - but still a beginner. I will enjoy looking through your blog!

  3. It all looks so good, very clever

    Thank you for linking up

  4. Awww... what a brilliant photo of such a gorgeous puppy ^..^
    I think I'd have trouble saying no to him.
    Your stall looked very inviting and lots to browse. Pity that it wasn't the best of days but I'm sure you'll be armed and ready to go again soon.
    Enjoy your Sunday

  5. A very cute puppy. I like how your stall was set out, I found fairs to disheartening, so have stopped them for now, but I'm glad that there were lots of people attending even if they weren't buying much from you.

  6. Gorgeous puppy!! They are hard work but such a lot of fun too. A shame about the fair - layout and stall placement can make such a huge difference to sales. Hopefully next time will make up for this one!! x

  7. Sorry that the fair didn't work out well. Your pup is very cute and I'm sure in time he will learn his manners!


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