Sunday, 28 September 2014

Cuteness Overload

So much has been happening recently but none of it has involved crafting, my life has been taken over by the beautiful Boris.

Yesterday we took him for his first off lead walk in the woods, I put a safety line on him just in case he took fright at anything and bolted.

I needn't have worried, the groundwork I put in with his training in the garden has paid off, his recall is so much better than I could have hoped for and he's so confident and outgoing.

His house training is still a work in progress, but he's clean more often than not now. It was all going very well until last week, Boris was struck with a severe tummy upset, we were very concerned he became seriously ill within a matter off hours. Rushed him to the vets fearing a blockage or poisoning, but thankfully it was neither.

The vet could find no reason for it and after some medication he was back to himself again, he's now being monitored closely and we could find nothing he could have chewed in the garden to make him so ill. Fingers crossed it was just one of those things and won't be reoccurring again.

Now I'm back to walking the dogs normally I should be able to find the time to start crafting again, I've really missed it.

Hope your all keeping well.


  1. What a cutie! Hope he stays well!

  2. Awesome, I bet he loved getting out and about

    Thank you for linking up

  3. Aww that's just brilliant. Well done with all of your training. It's obviously paid off ^..^
    I was very nervous the first time I let my wee pooch off her lead, but she didn't bolt thankfully.
    I never thought to put on a safety line.
    Gorgeous video to mark this momentus moment.
    Enjoy your Sunday evening

  4. Aww little Boris is is cute! It must have been a real worry when he fell ill, i'm really glad to hear he's better now x

  5. What an adorable pup! It's nice to meet Boris & I'm glad he found a great home.

  6. He is totally adorable, no wonder you are smitten.

  7. He is indeed beautiful! We want a dog too but we cant afford it yet. After seeing him I want one bad noe. So cute =) #mysundayphoto


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