Saturday, 30 August 2014

So Excited!!!

Today's the day we collect our new puppy, I'm so excited I could burst!
A new puppy means a new dog bed, which Badger Boo just had to check out for comfort, I'll be writing more about the new puppy once he's had a chance to settle in and find his feet.

As it's Saturday, it's Caption Day on the blogs.
I've not done #SatCap for a while, but as soon as I saw this picture I knew it was time.
 It would have been rude not too.


  1. Hmm, I'm sure this used to fit! Better get to Doggy Weight Watchers!
    (Good luck with the new puppy! How exciting!)

    1. Thanks Sarah, let's hope he doesn't pick up any of Badger Boo's bad habits x

  2. Puppy? What? Nope, if I sit in this basket you won't be able to put a cute puppy in there... I am not being usurped! :)

  3. It was only at bed time that he realised what they meant about "too many pies"

  4. This dog bed ain't big enough for the both of us


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