Monday, 4 August 2014

A Painfully Slow Week

As todays title suggests it's been a painful week here in the Stone Pit Cave, my right hand has been very numb, swollen and stiff due to the Arthritis plus my left shoulder, which I dislocated a few years ago has also been very stiff and painful, therefore it's been a slow week for crafting.
I've had to put the Mitred Baby Blanket to one side for the time being, until the flexibility comes back, so for now I'm knitting with a thicker yarn and larger needles because they're easier for me to hold and it's been very slow going.
I found this pattern for an Owl Tea Cosy in one of my knitting magazines, although I can't remember which one, as it was a while ago.
 I think it's great fun, I just adore Owls and knitting with my favourite Aran yarn, normally I could have knitted this in a couple of days but with all the stopping and starting it's been a slow make.
It was my mums birthday on Saturday so I made her a Butterfly Card, painted with water colours then  clear embossed the darker colours to make them really stand out. So many people commented on it as it really stood out in the hall where mum had a massive Party.
In allotment news Himself has erected a large gazebo, which we are going to net  and use as a fruit cage once the ground has been dug **groan**
It didn't look nearly so large in the garden centre when we first saw it. It'll certainly be interesting trying to get the scaffold netting over the top of it.

All I can do at the moment is a little light weeding until I've had my six week check up with the surgeon, it's so frustrating as I want to get going again and get the Raspberries planted, but it's best not to rush these things I suppose.
The Physio said I can drive again, I can now bend my knee 125 degrees, the first thing I did was I head down to the allotment  to do some harvesting. My Cauliflower's and Broccoli have been brilliant this year, I'm so pleased as I grew them from seed and they tasted delicious. 

I'm also really pleased with my first harvest of Peas, I grew these from seed too, they nearly filled this 4ltr flower pot, plus there's lots more to come as they mature.

The Sweet Corn is starting to grow rapidly now after a difficult start, sadly only approx a  third of them survived the slugs, I then cheated and brought the rest as seedlings from Homebase. The taller ones are the ones I grew from seed but I'm sure the others will catch up soon.

The Sweet Peas are doing brilliantly well, every time we go down to do the watering I bring a large bunch of them home, the scent of them in the house is delicious.

I had a lovely email from Jill at Christmas Pie Crafts asking to use some of my photos for her Friday Review  of my Knitted Collectibles which was a lovely surprise.
Thank you so much for your kind words Jill.

As is usual on a Monday I'll be linking this post to Creative Mondays and Handmade Monday.

I hope you all have a great week crafting.




  1. I hope your pain eases soon, its frustrating not being able to do the things you want to. Your allotment sounds wonderful, lots of tasty home grown goodies.

    1. Thank you Victoria, we love our allotment, it's so tranquil down there, plus all the home grown veggies are the added bonus, our garden at home is so small there's hardly any room to grow anything, so pleased to have been lucky enough to get an allotment x

  2. Doesn't sound much fun for you at the moment and even worse because of your work and the allotment. Hope the aches and pains ease off soon. Your veggies look really good and I love the owl teapot cover - a fun thing. Hope you have a good, comfortable, week.

    1. Thanks Jill, feeling a lot better today, hands are a lot more supple and less painful, the Owls are cute aren't they xxx

  3. Sorry to hear your in pain :( My mum has arthritis too :( my husband has read today cherries help, going to tell her tomorrow too. Hope your feeling much better soon.. love your owl tea pot cover. Thanks for sharing over at Creative Mondays ...

    1. Yes I've heard Cherries are very good, we're on the look out for a Cherry Tree, hence the building of the gigantic fruit cage, so pleased you like the Owls xxx

  4. I hope your arthritis gets better soon. It's not fun when you have pain and want to work on your projects. The owl tea cozy is adorable! Your garden looks absolutely lovely with all those amazing vegetables. I hope you have a great week and speedy recovery.

    1. Thank you, arthritis has eased a little today, the veggies tasted delicious too x


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