Monday, 12 May 2014

Not a Lot and The Odd Card

It's been fairly quiet here as my Arthritis has been playing up a fair bit this week, which means I've not been able to knit as much as I'd like, and I've not been out much either, but I've been using my time wisely making some cards.
With Fathers Day due next month, I decided make up one of the decoupage kits I got as part of a recent Goody Bag purchase.
It was a bit fiddly to do, as my hand was suffering with loss of grip, but once I got going it was a fun little project that took no time at all.
I then decided to move on to an any occasion card for men,  because lets face it, they're aren't really that many handmade cards for men around. I really love this Dad stamp with all the little pictures of tools on it.

This week I purchased some New Baby die cutters and really enjoyed having a play with them. I'm not so keen on the way the word baby is written on the girls card, the next time I'll chop it off and swap it with another one I have, but I think the stork is adorable. 

Like I said not a lot has happened so only a short post today, I've not even been doing any digging down the allotment this week, although I went for a brief look yesterday and everything seems to be starting to poke through the soil at last.

I'm linking this weeks post to Handmade Monday and Creative Mondays.
Hope you all have a great week crafting.


  1. You're right, there are always a lack of cool cards for the menfolk. Yours are great.
    Sorry to hear about your arthritis; I can sympathise as I too don't have a very good grip. Not arthritis, just if my hands a re cold so circulation I guess. I hope it improves soon.

    Linda x

    1. Thank you Linda, now following your lovely blog xxx

  2. I really like the tools paper you've used for the dad card, and I love the suit card too.

  3. You did a fab job!! Sorry the arthritis has been so awful, must make crafting so frustrating. Loving these cards, men are so difficult to craft for aren't they. Jen x

  4. Great job!! Loving the dogs at the top of the page, too :) xxx

  5. Great cards - I like the Dad stamped card, as men are far more difficult to cater for! Jo x

  6. These are lovely Dawn, great job! xxx

  7. These are really lovely Dawn, I especially like the Dad with tools all over it! x


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