Friday, 20 December 2013

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

We all love a good sleep don't we? 
Badger Boo is no exception, he can sleep for England.

My favorite picture is the one above, but just for fun I though you should see just how sleepy this little dog is.

I think you'll agree he's going for some sort of a world sleeping record. 

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Hope you have a great weekend.

Wishing you all a Happy Christmas from Myself, Himself and of course Badger Boo

Me, Myself and I
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  1. Looks to mes, Badger Boos, that you lives a plushy life. Sleep whenevers you feels like it on a numbers of choice locations. I thinks I woulds be happys to shares your lifes with you ... buts, I can't seems to sit stills that longs unless I has worn myself outs. My Frisbee game is to mes what your naps is to you. Nice, isn't it, that we has those choices. We are luckys to have good Moms and Dads. You have a nice weekends, Badger Boos ... and a Wonderfuls Christmas (Christmas? What's Christmas?) ... theres my Moms putting words in my mouths agains. Be well, Badger Boo and sleeps sound :)

    Izzi @ From The Sol

  2. Love a sleeping dog, especially a Boxer puppy ;-)

  3. Aww bless he is so sweet and extra sweet when sleeping :)

    Merry Christmas Dawn x

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