Friday, 22 November 2013

Smile it's The Weekend

It's been a strange old week here. I've  been busy crafting between bouts of feeling terrible, I've been struck down with "The Dreaded Lurgy" better known Tonsilitis which has now become a stinking cold.

It's taken a lot out of me energy wise, but I've woken up this morning feeling so much better now that the snot has solidified instead of my nose being a constant running tap.

Sorry, was that too much information?

To cheer myself up I went on a little shopping trip yesterday, not being well enough to drive to Hobbycraft in Woking, I popped into Lorimers in Godalming.

OMG Look what I found!!

I need a Bubble-Wrap fix
How I love Bubble Wrap 

After my brief fling with the bubble wrap I headed into the craft section to buy myself some double sided sticky tape, not as exciting I grant you, but essential.

It's starting to get really cold here now, I've even had to start wearing my thick jumpers, soon I'll have to it'll be time to put the radiators on.

Even though Badger Boo has his own heat pad in his bed that stays warm for up to 8 hours, look what I found on the sofa when I arrived back from my trip out.

Cheeky pup! 
He looked so comfy I left him there to sleep for a while.

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Hope you all have a great weekend.

Me, Myself and I
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  1. OMGs Badger Boos ... a heating pads? I woulds die ... I looks for a nice piece of cool floor to lay on. Sometimes, just to be nice, I gets in beds with my Moms buts I can't stands it. I can only stays for a little whiles before I is burning ups. Things must be very differents in the UKs (Waht's a UKs?) Anyways it was nice to hears that your Moms had a wonderful shopping trips ... don't knows about Bubble Wraps ... they make me nervous, all that Poppings. But she seems to loves it, so thats a goods thing, rights? Anyway, Badter Boos ... you have a nice warms (oh it hurts me to even says thats) weekends ...

    Izzi @ From The Sol

    1. Yes I'm very spoilt with my heating pad BOL. I loves it lots and lots, luckily I don't mind the popping as noises don't bother me too much. I even likes to watch the fireworks, I think it must be because I was a working Gun Dog in my youth.

      I'm not allowed in the bed with mummy but sleep on top by her feet every night, unless her feet stink to much BOL.

      Hope you has a good weekend too xxxx

  2. Aww hope you are feeling much better now?
    Badger looks so sweet lying there, I would leave him too :)

    Thanks for linking up to the weekend blog hop...

  3. Is the bubble wrap for wrapping up warm ??!! ;-)
    The Boxers also have underpaw heating :-)


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