Friday, 8 November 2013

Smile it's Friday

A walk in the woods is always guaranteed to cheer me up, especially when accompanied by my best friend Badger Boo

We're very lucky to live in the Surrey Hills which is an area outstanding natural beauty, we have so many lovely areas to chose from to walk but my favorite by far is Witley Common.

Badger Boo just loves to charge around and around flushing out the Squirrels. 

Get otta ma way, I'm coming through!!!
Shhhhh I spy a pesky Squirre!!!

He also has a passion for sticks (even though he's not allowed to play with them for safety reasons) So he gets around the rules by always trying to pick up one that's far to big!

The noises he makes in frustration at not being able to pick it up always have me in stitches.

Come with me stick GRRRRR
Badger's favorite thing to annoy me make me smile, is to pop into pictures when I'm trying to capture "The Shot" I've lost count of how many times he's appeared in pictures he shouldn't LOL.

He's always doing something really daft and helps me find the joy in each day.

His sight has always been really poor because of PRA  but now its complicated by the appearance of Cataracts. He also seems to be going deaf, which we noticed recently because he hardly ever barks at the door now (thankfully) it was the one bad habit I was never able to break him of.

But at 12 years old he is still fit, healthy and active, living life to the full and bringing joy to all he meets.
You can't help but smile and fall in love with this cute little face.

Hope everyone has a great weekend xxxxx 

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  1. Hay, the first things I noticed was that you don't have to be on leash when you runs in the woods ... you is a lucky boys. Here we has to be on leash ... I not sure whys. I woulds never runs aways ... I would be like you, sniffin and findings sticks. Boy, you finds some big sticks Badger Boos, you are so lucky's. You Mom says you don't barks at the doors any mores. I dos and my Moms is happy about it untils I won't stop when she lets someones in. They is intrudeers in our house ... I has to bark at intruders cause thats my job ... my brains tells me that. Anyways, Badger Boos ... I is happys that you hads a good week.

    Izzi @ From The Sol

    1. Hi Izzi and Andrea we are lucky here, Badger Boo only wears a lead when in town or near roads. For years I didn't even use or own leads for any of my dogs as that's the way things were back then.

      BB loves his freedom I can't imagine how restrictive it must be to use dog parks for exerciseing, although more and more places won't allow dogs at certain times of the year like beaches and some parks, luckily we are surrounded by woodland here.

      Hope you finally got rid of the skunky smell and have a good weekend xxx

  2. You always make me smile BB. The Boxers have to be on lead too because they think it's fun to run after horses and cyclists :-)

    1. Glad to hear BB raised a smile, such a shame your Boxers are on leads in our lovely area but definitely better safe than sorry.

      I've been on a horse when dogs have been out of control nipping at it, the owner went mental when one of them got kicked and badly injured. It was very scary for the horse and she was awful with dogs after that, luckily she wasn't too badly bitten around the hind legs, but it was the dog owners fault for being on a bridleway with loose and uncontrollable dogs.

      Good luck to Mr B in his marathon..


  3. He is gorgeous, he would make me smile too! I particularly love the photo of him popped up behind the tree :)
    And I've added my own 'smile' this week!

    1. Ahhh thank you I did finally get the picture I wanted after several attempts LOL

      Hope you have a good weekend xxx

  4. Looks like a lovely place to walk, Badger Boo looks like he is enjoying himself xx

    1. It is beautiful and BB really loves it there x


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