Friday, 25 October 2013

Smile it's Friday

Last week at the hospital I got the most amazing, fantastic news.
The Nurse Practitioner has recommended that new knees would be beneficial to me!!!

I know it's chuffin' amazing news!

I still need to see my surgeon who will make the final decision as to a yes or no, but it's fingers crossed from now until I see him.
If he decides I can go ahead it will change my life in so many ways. Things I've not been able to do for years will be open to me again, like horse riding and running. 

Arthritis is so debilitating, the constant pain and side effects from the drugs I need everyday make life so restricted.

I'm scared at the prospect but OMG so excited too!!!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend.

Me, Myself and IMe, Myself and I

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  1. That is scary but exciting news. My neighbor has had both knees replaced and she is very happy with it ... they sometimes need a little tweaking, but it is minimal and the difference was like night and day for her. Fingers crossed and good luck :)

    Now Izzi has asked to to ask where Badger Boo is ... he isn't talking to Izzi anymore and she misses him. My "Smile it Friday Post" is to Badger Boo, but more for USA dogs. You will see ... Have a great week ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

    1. Thank you Andrea, glad to hear a successful knee surgery story, so far only heard about the ones that have gone wrong **sigh**

      Badger Boo will be back to his normal posting routine soon, I've been so busy with my Stone Pit Crafts orders lately I've been struggling to keep up with blogging.

      Have a great weekend xxx

  2. That's amazing! I really hope you get it. It would be so good to be pain free and active. Fingers crossed for you. x

    1. Thanks Sarah, the difference it will make to my life will be amazing. I hate being an old lady at 47, fingers, toes and paws crossed here x


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