Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Caught in The Act

"Stalker Cat"

Yet again it has come into my garden to do its business and I'm going to have to clear up its mess because it is full of worms that you can see! 

This really p!$$¢$ me off!

As a responsible dog owner:-

 I don't allow my dog to roam and cause a nuisance to people. 

I carry pooh bags to clear up after him if he should do his business whilst we are out. 

I ensure he is wormed regularly. 

I pay a fortune for insurance and he is micro-chipped.

So why is it that cat owners are allowed to let their pets crap where they want, be a nuisance, kill wildlife at random and spread disease as so few of them are wormed or vaccinated?

You may think I hate cats, I don't, I love cats and although I've not had one for several years I would really love one.

But I can't because my dog is terrified of them! 

As this cat has attacked him on several occasions in our own garden! It even came into my house once and attacked him!

If I allowed my dog to behave like this, I would get fined and possibly lose my dog under the
 "Dangerous Dogs Act"

How unfair is that?

Irresponsible cat owners should be named, shamed and fined too!

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  1. Good points there Dawn. Do you think it's because he's a ginger tom that he's aggressive?

    1. Possibly, but I think the males of any species can sense fear and will use it to their advantage, it only natural.

      Trust me to be owned by a dog terrified of cats, silly Badger Boo xxx

  2. It annoys me, because I am a cat owner, but I am responsible. My cats are wormed, vaccinated, microchipped, and spayed, and also, we have an area in our garden that has been "made" for them as their toilet. Cats LOVE bleach, and will use an area that has been sprinkled with bleach as their latrine, so that's what we do, and they have a litter tray inside as well, so hopefully we have reduced their need to crap all over the neighbourhood dramatically. It's not pleasant to clean up aninmal poo, particularly when it's not even your own animals! :(

    1. Thank you for that, I had no idea cats loved bleach, I will stop using it in the garden, I thought it would deter him as the dog hates bleach, but obviously I'm attracting the cat with it!

  3. We have lots of other cats in our garden, including ours.

    You can get on of those metal decoy cats with shiny eyes. If other cats see it they shy away. or you can get safe to humans green gel to put on your flower beds that deter them.

    All a faff though

    1. I'll check out if the gel can be used where you grow vegetables and is dog safe too thank you.

      We did try a decoy cat but as my dog is old with poor eyesight he wouldn't go outside when it was there, I think he thought it was a real one and was going to attack him too :o(

  4. I agree with being a responsible cat owner (like every pet owner should be!) there's no excuse for bit micro chipping and esp not worming abc de fleeing! Probably isn't vaccinated either!
    The issue with cats is that they're not loyal, they will go where they darn well please! You need some serious deterrents in your garden that would drive bloody nuts! Google will have loads of tips I bet!

    1. The research starts today thank you. Just wish I knew who owned it so I could advise them the poor thing has a massive worm burden.


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