Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Photo Flops ~ Flash

Taking pictures of my dog Badger Boo indoors is getting harder and harder. The reason is, he has Cataracts and PRA, so if I use the flash it gets mirrored straight back at you and he has spooky white eyes.

When taken without the flash, the picture is too dark to see his beautiful little face because of his markings as seen below.

If you have any hints and tips how to avoid this problem I would love to hear them.

If you have any Photo Flop problems then link up below and hopefully someone will have the answer for you.

Photo Flops By Just Look and You Will See

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  1. Poor old Badger Boo! That's a tough one and I'm afraid I have no solution :( My only problem is I take a pic of three kids together and one of them is always doing something stupid to spoil it! Grrr!

    1. I think that is a common problem Sarah, must be a really difficult to capture a nice picture of them all together...

  2. Oo, I've got a funny flop. Will post and link up.
    How is BB coping with his cataracts? Will you do a post on that? Could be useful for others doggies too x.

    1. Thanks for joining in Lesley.

      He is doing ok, he has suffered with night blindness most of his adult life because of the PRA, and has adapted very well.

      When he had his yearly MOT last year it was picked up that the cataracts were starting to form. It's not too bad at the moment, he can still see just about, unlike his brother who went totally blind at a very young age, under five I believe.

      At 11.5 years young he is very lucky to have his sight, many with his condition don't.

      Thanks for joining in by the way, hopefully someone will have the answer you require xx

    2. We take it for granted that our dogs will live long and be happy. What a great dog BB is x.

    3. We certainly do and yes he is, but don't tell him or his head will get even bigger LOL xx


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