Sunday, 6 January 2013

A Trip to Olde London Town

My last post about the most amazing Christmas present Himself gave me, became a reality on New Years Day.

We caught the train up to London.
We were off to see War Horse at The National Theatre and it was so exciting and terrifying. 

That's right terrifying, I hate crowds, so rarely go up to London as there are just so many people, but Himself works there so knows his way around. I just hold his hand keep my head down and go where I'm led.

The trains weren't too crowded until we got to the Underground and it was standing room only, they whiz along and standing is not ideal when your not too steady on your feet like me. Nobody ever offers a seat, even when they are sitting in the priority seats for elderly and disabled, luckily I was able to wedge my self into a corner and hang on to the rail, Himself stood in front of me in case I over balanced, but all went well and we made it to Marble Arch without any accidents. 


Although one of the escalators we had to use wasn't working and I caused a massive traffic jam of people. I had to use the handrail on the left (a big No No apparently, you must always stand on the right) because I'm most unsteady on stairs and the risers on the steps were so much higher than normal steps. Luckily nobody moaned at me for being in the way, I suppose it was because they could see I was struggling. I have been moaned at in the past on London's escalators for being in the way, until etiquette of escalators was explained to me that is.

  We were staying at The Cumberland opposite Marble Arch. As we were early we went for a wander down Oxford Street to check out some of the shops. First stop the Rolex Shop, what a beautiful place, but it's one of those "If Only" shops I could never ever afford anything in there, but glad we went for a look to see how the other half lives!

Next stop was Selfridges what an amazing shop this is, the outside is amazing and still maintains the oldie worldie look, it has the most amazing clock out the front I just had to take a picture.

I also took what I think is a beautiful  picture of the whole frontage, which I have used as this weeks Silent Sunday picture in my photography blog.

Then it was time for a quick bite to eat in Subway (I was surprised how few eating places there are in Oxford Street) and time to go and book into the hotel. The Reception is amazing with several huge pieces of art and a water feature, which of course I had to have my picture taken in front of, yes very touristy of me, I think I look like the Honey Monster in this shot, what do you think?

Photo Credit
When we booked in our room was upgraded to an Executive Suite, it was amazing with a massive wide screen TV, I did take some pictures but deleted them by accident **slaps head at stupidity**. It was on the fifth floor with no accessibility issues at all.

Time for a quick change, then back onto the Underground to Holborn and the Theatre, it was dark by now and the Christmas lights were on in Oxford Street they were pretty spectacular, my picture really doesn't do them justice.

Whilst waiting for the tube I spotted this lipstick kiss on the window so took a picture for fun, I didn't have long as our tube was due any second (I could hear it in the tunnel) so the focusing is all wrong, but I thought it was a lovely piece of humour, maybe it was you who kissed the window?

When we got to the Theatre we were directed to our guide, a lovely lady, who escorted us round to the back of the building to the lift for disabled access, she left us in the bar area until it was time to go in whilst she went off to collect somebody else. She then escorted us to our seats and I was totally enthralled until the end. We had the most amazing view, the puppets are amazing and all the little actions of the horses were spot on, it was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. A little spoiler if you've not seen the show:- Watch the Goose, he is very funny...

I have read the book and seen the film, but the play is definitely the best interpretation of the story in my opinion  you feel you are right in the middle of all the action. It's an emotional story so don't forget to take a hanky. 

When it was all over we were escorted from our seats through the back area passing several of the actors on their way home, we said hello which made the evening even more special as we left.

There were no issues with my mobility and getting about in such an old building, as Himself had informed them at the time of booking and arrangements were in place when we arrived. The National Theatre staff couldn't do enough for us, they were so helpful and helped to make it a special night.

Thank you again to Himself for a wonderful Christmas present, what an earth I will get you next year to top that, I have no idea!!!

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  1. Nice one Dawn, Well done you and sounds like you had a fab time!

    1. Thanks Sandy, it was great, I wish I could write more to describe it but would hate to spoil it for any one who hadn't seen it..

      Usually when we go away, there is always a fly in the ointment about something, but this time it was perfect, no hassles at all..


  2. Wow, so pleased for you that your outing was perfect. Sounds pretty good to me. Super pics too x.

    1. Thanks Lesley, we had a great time, took me a couple of days to get over the excitement, but so worth it xxx


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