About Me

 I'm a total Knit-aholic and recently started up Stone Pit Crafts to sell my projects. I make hand knitted items and cards, there's nothing so special as a unique item, be it for yourself or a gift for a friend.

I'm an Independent Demonstrator for Stampin' Up
Contact me to host a workshop and earn yourself free Hostess Pounds. Either use the "Contact Me Box" at the side, leave a comment or check out my full details here.

I also love photography, I post what I consider my best pictures at Just Look and You Will See as so many strange things make lovely pictures.

This blog is mainly just about my ramblings of life in general and anything else I feel like saying, some call me rude, I call it honest.

I was Medically retired from my much loved job because of severe Arthritis three days before Christmas in 2012. 
nasty nice Christmas Present from an employer I devoted 13 years of my life too

I'm owned by a bonkers Cocker Spaniel called Badger Boo who writes his own blog about his Daft Adventures here.

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