Monday, 3 November 2014

Celebrations Galore

It's been a busy week here with three celebrations and cards to make for each.
First it was my parents Golden Wedding Anniversary, this was probably the hardest card for me to come up with an idea for.
 I knew I wanted to use some gold netting and add a ribbon to it.
Although I liked my first attempt, I started to worry that maybe it looked more like a general Birthday card than an Anniversary card, I was also very pleased with how the picture came out using the Light Box.
I'd recently had a private photography lesson with Tish Hornsbury and she taught me all about  using the White balance and a few other functions on my camera I'd had no idea about.
Just can't believe the difference in the quality of the pictures.
I then dug out my box of Die Cutters found the alphabet and the Anniversary cutters to add more details to the card.
The card now looked much more finished, but time was short, I had to get the card delivered so took a really quick snap of it on my mobile phone and off I went to their house to deliver it, as you can see the finished card is a lot more glary and not so sharp, will definitely ensure I'm using the Light Box next time.

 Then it was my sons Birthday, I really enjoyed making him this cute card, as we were having a rare beautiful day I took the picture of it out on the garden table.

Today is Himself's Birthday, he's a hard one to make cards or to buy gifts for. He's brilliant when it comes to chosing me gifts, he has such an imagination, the photography lesson was my Birthday present which got put off until recently due to my knee surgery.
I used the Light Box to photograph Himself's Card and very pleased with the results.

In Puppy News Boris is doing very well with his training and growing up fast, he's almost as big as Badger Boo now, maybe even a little bigger, it's hard to tell as he never stops moving long enough to measure him.
Here they are charging round on the common on one of those lovely sunny days last week, that seem to have disappeared this week.

A  rare shot of Boris sitting still long enough to take his picture, we have just started to learn the stay command and getting the hang of it now.

Here he is acting like a pro in front of the camera as if he was born to it.
 I love this shot of Boris.

I'm linking this post to Creative Monday and Handmade Monday.
Hope you all have a great week crafting.


  1. Your cards are lovely, I think my favourite one is for your son's birthday. Boris looks like he was born to pose for pictures, such a cutie.

  2. The cards are all so individual, and so much thought went into design and making. I hope everyone loved their special cards, and that you had wonderful family celebrations.

    Wow, just noticed how big Boris' paws are :-)


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