Thursday, 24 July 2014

Project #365grateful and #Project365

I recently started doing the Project #365grateful on facebook and love the idea of posting a picture each day for a year, but decided I wanted to carry on with it on my blog instead as I spend more time blogging than I do on facebook.
This post is the first three pictures I posted and wrote on facebook for my regular blog followers.
Day 1 of Project #365grateful Thankful for modern medicine and being able to have a brand new knee joint to replace the knackered one.
Day 2 of Project #365grateful Planted some beautiful flowers in my garden today, to make it feel as loved as much as my allotment is.
Day 3 of Project #365grateful I love my Wool Winder, which turns a tangled mess of yarn into a nice neat ball of yarn that you can knit from both the centre and the outside edge. I couldn't live without it.

It's a bit of a commitment I know, I really hope I'm up to the challenge, time will tell on that one though.

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