Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Remember Me? It's Been a While

It 's been an absolute age since I last updated here properly which is so very bad as it's my main blog.
The big question is "Have you missed me?"

The last couple of months have been totally mental!!!

Himself has been in and out of hospital, he's due to go back in again at the end of this month for yet another operation. We're not looking forward to it, but fingers crossed this will be the last time for a while.

I've been updating my new website Stone Pit Crafts between trips to the hospital and looking after Himself and Badger Boo. Although there are still a lot more items to add, if you can't see what your looking for then do please contact me

The "Smile it's Friday" blog hop is also going very well, I've now started to host it solely on Badger Boo's blog, as it was difficult to do two posts each week, one here and one there, plus the stats said that's where most of the traffic was coming from. Everyone is still welcome to link up, it does't need to be an animal related post, just needs to make you and everyone else smile.

I've so much to tell but my mind is a total blank at the minute (nothing new there I hear you cry).

We had this cute little baby bird visit out garden, I think it's a sparrow looking at the beak, if it's not then please be sure to let me know :o)

Isn't he adorable?
 I have a powerful zoom and was able photograph him without causing any disturbance or stress, I think it may have been his first time out of the nest as he seemed very unsure of   his surroundings.

I promise not to leave it so long next time before posting, I'm starting to find a routine for myself at last, although so glad I wasn't working in the mini heatwave we've just had in the UK, wearing those boots and uncomfortable uniform.

Take care all xxxxx


  1. So sorry to hear about "himself". I didn't know he wasn't well ... it is perfectly fine for you to take time away from the blog, for yourself and/or for someone else. This is something we choose to do ... it is not (should not) be an obligation. I didn't miss you(I am sorry to say) because I have been following Badger Boo and you never seemed to miss a step with him. I hope all gets better and you can get back to relax and enjoy in your life ...(Boots and Uniform?)Did I miss something :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol

    1. Hi Andrea, thanks for your kind words, I do know what you mean about not missing someone LOL.

      Badger Boo's blog, facebook and Twitter has always been an escape from the realities of life, it's good to be a different person or dog in this case, his adventures be they big or small are never ending, he finds the joy in each day which keeps us sane, he always makes us smile with his antics :o)

      If you put Retirement or Medical Dismissal in the search box you'll find out all about the boots and uniform.

      Take care and we'll no doubt cat up on Friday :o)

  2. Gorgeous photos should add professional photographer to your resume! I hope "Himself" is getting along better and you both are in my thoughts and prayers as you deal with these various issues.

    1. Awwww thank you Betsy, I do love my photography although I have more bad photo's than good ones, to be able to take pics for others I would need a better track record LOL.

      Thanks for you kind words from both Himself and I


  3. That photograph is simply gorgeous. Can reaally tell how fluffy and vulnerable the little fellow is. Fab work xxxx

  4. Absolutely stunning photos, Dawn. I have to perform baby bird rescue all the time, never have time to photograph though, as BriniZozi are always lurking nearby :-)

    1. Thanks Lesley, luckily Badger Boo isn't allowed on that part of the garden so he was very safe until he figured out what he was doing xxxx


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